for composers

This master class is intended for composition students and focuses on common issues and considerations when writing for percussion and voice. Topics may include:
• Notation and instrumentation
• Instrument range and dynamics
• Additional/extended capabilities of percussion instruments and voice
• Arranging or adapting existing music for percussion and voice

BeatSong encourages students submit one or two pieces for voice and percussion for the ensemble to perform and discuss with the class in a group format.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

for performers

This master class focuses on the performance issues commonly faced by percussionists and vocalists when performing contemporary music. Topics may include:
• Multi-instrument setup(s) and mallet selection
• Extended techniques
• Rehearsal and practice strategies 
• Concert programing and commissioning new works

We ask that one or two students play or sing for this class. 

Duration: Approximately 2 hours